Day 4 – Maudetour en Vexin to Bray et Lu

by Stephen


It was a relatively short hop today to Bray et Lu which has given me a much needed rest and time to carry out some kit admin.

The walk was very quiet and peaceful with the countryside silence only shattered by my boots clomping on the ground scattering pheasants in every direction.

I started along a very muddy track which had been flooded by yesterday’s heavy rain.

Passing through quiet woodland I emerged at the beautiful Domaine of Villarceaux

The first village I encountered was Chaussy. I had time to stop at the cemetery where I found the grave of Rene and Paul Camus. I can only assume they were brothers killed two years apart at the battles of Aisne and the Somme. Chaise also had the first war memorial that I have seen since Paris.

Chaussy was a silent village and I am sure the noise of my boots wouldn’t have been welcome for long.

Beyond Chaussy I reached Bray et Lu where I am repairing and washing kit and also taking my fill of the superb food.  I’ll need the energy for the longer days ahead.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, traveling along the traffic free path to Gisors which follows an old rail line.